Resolution Ukulele Band has it's routes firmly in Captain Cook country and is proud of those routes and the area we come from, so much so that the band logo was designed by Smoggie Art, which again is what it says on the can. Band members come from all over what is fondly known as Greater Teesside. Land of The Smoggies.

Middlesbrough Bowling Club is the current base for the weekly Thursday night sessions, socialising and performances in the fully equiped 100 capacity concert room complete with stage and Resolution back drop ! See photos on this website and visit Middlesbrough Bowling Club website for further information on the club together with directions and Smoggie Art website for further information on their products

The Band played at Middlesbrough Bowling Club in celebration of a year at their new home - Welcome address below - Please note, this is a

" live " document from the night not initially intended for publication, it is the notes for a public address ie sorry for spelling and typos.

The event raised £700 for The Butterwick Hospice !

Resolution Welcome V3